Good afternoon, Arkhunters. As many of you may have noticed, we are currently having trouble with our In-Game Stores in Defiance. This issue is impacting all platforms and regions at this time. We are fully aware of the problem and are hard at work addressing it as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, this is a backend technical issue with no easy fix. There is no ETA that we can provide you all with, at this time, but once we have a clear time estimate as to when this will be corrected we will absolutely update you.

We fully understand how frustrating this is for all of you and very much apologize to you, our players, for this inconvenience. We will continue to put all of our resources into addressing this issue as quickly as possible, and I will continue to update you all as more news comes in. Thank you for your patience in this matter and I wish you all good hunting in Defiance!

Chip "Zephkial" Loving - Defiance Associate Producer