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    i have pretty much gave up on the store getting fixed, im on already on on defiance 2013 is getting shut down mode . i might as well enjoy what ever little time we got left . they cant seem to keep their word and give us simple fricking a update on the store , or anything defiance 2013 . and then the god awful bug ridden state 2050 has been since launch . these games are bleeding money and loyal customers . how a company , cant seem to take a proactive stance to prevent this from happening is beyond me. i dont know how many times this company has taken a few good steps forward only to take huge leaps backwards.

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    Friday is the livestream, if they don't talk about it then, yea they have no intention on doing anything. I stop playing defiance the first day they said a new company took over, because i don't know where the direction the game is heading and here we are, and there's still no information. Just the same nonsense. I'm playing warframe all the time now and Hellgate Is coming to steam on the 15th. So I'm good. I will be watching the livestream though, but don't hold your breathe is they ignore us again. After that, if i was you, i would moved on.


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    Closing this thread as the issue is now resolved as discussed here. Thanks for your patience!
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