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    Thumbs up War Below: Lag and no rewards

    Report: War Below (cave) Level 73

    *Invisible Enemies (only the red marks move) and for this reason sometimes the grenades kill the player since you can never see them.
    *Incinerator projectiles and grenadier projectiles are also invisible.
    *Spikes and grenades with a significant delay.

    And despite the above, we were able to complete the expedition (at least it seemed that way), we searched everywhere, but the last mutant never appeared.
    Conclusion: no rewards and time lost

    If you do not fix the lag and bugs or anything there is no problem but it could be a compensation to have a free expedition and without weekly restart.

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    Exclamation Stats Not Reflecting True Number of Kills - VERY Frustrating!!

    Also been experiencing same issues. Been experiencing more frequent connectivity issues over the past month or more, as well as not being credited for/ stats accurately updated for # of kills - often tells me I had under 10 kills when i had just spent the last 15-20mins in an excursion/mission killing non-friendlies solo. Started marking down how many enemies killed before doing an excursion/mission or expedition and checking the # after finishing them, only to find Ive only been credited for MAYBE half (and sometimes less than half!) of my kills. VERY Frustrating!! Also In-game store has been down for weeks - is this because of 2050's upcoming launch? Is it going to return?

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