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    Can't buy patron pass ..help plz

    My patron pass just ran out 30 min before mm event started and I am missing my weekly patron bonuses and patron boostes for the event ..I always have patron and the store being down is preventing me from purchasing it now which is not my fault and this is costing me af and pg ...plz help asap

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    As far as I can tell, no one can buy patron pass since the defiance store has been down for quite a while. It is very frustrating and a potential reason to stop playing and just quit Defiance.

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    Yes have 4400 bits in my Definance store account since before 2050 was ever mentioned & cant spend them on patron pass. That said If I want to whip my CC on the glyph site I can buy patron pass for defiance. WTF is going on here???

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    I'm loving the response time on this one. Shows us where the attention is going to be from here on. There's a term for what's happening here it's called "spreading yourself too thin." Usually happens when people try to over reach and work beyond the resources they have available. Sounds familiar huh?

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    Still cant spend bits to buy patron pass.

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    Submitted a support ticket.

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    Same here. My patron pass ran out and I cannot renew it thought I have bits available. That, and with Iron Demond vendors not working is seems like Trion is loosing out on money here. That is no way to run a business.

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    So true buddy

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    I even sent a private message to trion mobi and still no response ..very bad business..

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    You can only buy patron pass on the glyph site with a credit card. No way to use bits in game @ all now. Am not happy about loosing my bits.

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