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    Game recommendations?

    Hi all,

    I am new to gaming-related forums, have been a casual gamer for 12-14 years but finally decided to invest in a decent gaming laptop as I will have more time for this. Have played around 325 Defiance hours (EGO 3700) and this has been the only game I've played for the past 4-5 years, besides 100-150 hours playing UWO. Before this, I used to play CS on my early PC-gaming years.

    Well, I've got an Alienware 17 R4, i7-7700HQ, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM - unfortunately no SSD as it was not available in my country but I am planning to get one next month.

    Do you guys have any recommendations considering my specs and the kind of games I've played before? Either FTP or paid via Steam. (I have tried GTA with my nephew's console but didn't like it - BTW)

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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    2 games I'm looking forward to are days gone and red dead redemption 2, sadly they're not out yet. You should check out eve online, you might like it.

    Edit: If you haven't played any games from the dead space franchise or the last of us, I suggest you do, I loved them.
    If you do try dead space and your looking to play with other people then play dead space 3, people have mixed emotions on it as it's more of an action game than a horror like 1 and 2 but I loved it.
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    Recently, I purchased a gaming laptop from https://hpsupports.co/hp-customer-support/ Please recommend me a high-end game which I can play on it. It has 16GB RAM and the Nvidia graphics card.

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