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    Defiance 2050, an honest review

    I hadnt planned on playing the 2050 beta. I know that users opinions arent going to change the release, the devs decided many months ago what this game will be and nothing we say now can change that. However with the current condition of the original, I went ahead and used up a chunk of my data cap on it, cest la vie.

    If you were looking for something to be amazing and new right from the start, its not there. New doesnt start until after level 50.

    The start of the game is really no different than the start of the original. The graphics on the PC arent much better, the controls and sound are the same, the main mission story line is the same.

    They have reworked a lot of the menus, especially for the equipment and weapons. I find these new menus to be user friendly and manageable. As someone who enjoys micromanaging my inventory and load outs these are so very much better thant the old system.

    Levels now cap at 50 rather than the 3k/6k of the OG. But it seems that they have just made the old ego system into the new power rating system. Ill have to play a lot more to see how this pans out.

    Synergies still exist for the enemies. Players now obtain them thru use of ammo mods. In my play style this actually increased the need for inventory slots in order to keep all the types that I could might possibly need on hand.

    Speaking of inventory slots, you will need a lot more than the original. Although they start you with a generous 100 slots they are quickly used up. I found by the end I was using 24 slots just for grenade management.

    Having different rarities of grenades and shields didnt make any sense to me. Unlike the weapons which can have a greater number of masteries as they go up, rarity has no effect on grenades or shields. As I got closer to level 50, green shields I was picking up were far more powerful that the blue shields I had. Shields and grenades could just stay white and it wouldnt really matter at all, except for a few of the old pursuits that require different levels of rarity. Here I think they should have just changed the pursuits from rarity level to power level and just left them white. It would take up a lot less inventory room had they done that.

    I do like how the pursuits have been realigned. You no longer have to be great at everything to complete any given pursuit. They have been broken down into different areas of gameplay. Since pursuit completions was a requirement to advance in the original it became a problem for player retention. I think this realignment has avoided that problem.

    Vehicle handling and vehicle controls on the PC are dismal. I hear its better on consoles but cant verify that myself.

    I was thinking there would be more character customization, especially facial features. Many games have a near unlimited number of facial possibilities. I dont know if this was a game limit or dev choice, either way its disappointing.

    The lack of documentation and contextual help when playing the game is really obvious when you see the same questions being asked hundreds of times in chat.

    One of the items constantly questioned were the lack of ark keys. They are now needed for lockboxes at the end of major arkfalls and co op runs. Theres is no explanation where they come from. Its really frustrating to spend half and hour or more on an arkfall only to realize there is no reward at the end.

    The ark keys are part of the new daily pursuits 'Ark Hunter Bounties' The dailies are not available until after you reach level 50. Only 2 can be had per day during the beta, this will unlikely change before the release.

    Also at level 50, you get 4 new main missions. 4 of the factions now have their own story lines, including defiant few and tarr family. I only had time to do a few of the defiant few missions. I really hope they added new animations and cut scenes to go along with the voice work.

    Overall 2050 makes more sense as you travel through the open world. With the exception of the emergencies, they have put the different enemy groups into the different zones on the open world map. It does seem odd that they didnt include the emergencies as well. Coming across a volge emergency at level 3 doesnt end well for the player.

    Overall, it does seem that the devs have put a solid effort into creating a platform that has room to grow. It may last another 5 years.

    Currently I believe 2050 has been tarnished by having the players go thru the same start as the original. I dont feel that many previous players will stick it out to get to the new content at level 50.

    Well thats my review/opinion.

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    Its really frustrating to spend half and hour or more on an arkfall only to realize there is no reward at the end.
    You still get the standard rewards—though you have to wait for the chests to disappear to see the event completion window. The chests are more of a bonus.

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    Regarding the removal of facial options:
    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    The Character Customization options have actually been removed on purpose. In an attempt to create far more appealing faces, we have removed the bone structure customization that was causing stretching of the textures. We hope to add some more customization features in the future, but the current iteration is much smoother looking than previously.
    I do prefer more options than better texture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hit the Deck View Post
    Regarding the removal of facial options:

    I do prefer more options than better texture.
    WHAT? Destromathe thought removing it would create more appealing faces... NO... wrong. I am as meticulous in my character creation as possible. I chose my Defiance main alt even by comparing photos of the actress to pick the correct eye and lip shape.

    I was able to recreate her flawlessly in closed beta. Then... several of those customizations were stripped from open beta and I'd missed that post from Destromathe. I put in a bug report about it too.

    Sorry Destromathe. My Babydoll for open beta is UGLIER than before. It's no improvement, and I've got to look at it for the rest of 2050 in every cut scene like that? Sigh. No Bueno.

    You may have simplified things for your own benefit in converting Defiance to the newer graphics... but... far, far too many players will look the same with the same face. 3 Archetypes, 3 face bases per race/sex. That's it. Might as well be back to the Obama's for us, I thought we'd left that behind. Sure this sounds like an over reaction. Sure. But I noticed her pale, puffy lips were wrong every single time and that's going to continue to annoy. Her nose being too wide... made her look like someone else's character.

    My main avatar's had that look for 4.5 years... sigh. If you think this won't bring a tinge of annoyance every time I see her... you aren't thinking clearly.

    2050 PC/NA Founder: Babydoll (with permission from Professor Chaos) aka Babydahl, Bloody Natasha, Kylarran in Defiance
    Defiance PC/NA Founders: Professor Chaos and Iron Death, RIP brother

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    Darknessss, while you are spot on about many of the observations you are thorough enough to mention here, there's also a lot more being posted about the Open Beta in the 2050 general forums section there are a lot of comments and threads, a direct result of the open beta weekend, that bear some import on some of the points you are making here.


    So take a look at them, and I encourage anyone interested in 2050 to take a look there at the conversation. Now that 2050 is open, I trust the 2050 forums should be open to all now, just be sure to sign in first, if you don't see the 2050 section of the forums. Take a gander even at the threads you think won't interest you... you might find details that others are making that clarify some points, or add other layers to the systems of 2050.

    2050 PC/NA Founder: Babydoll (with permission from Professor Chaos) aka Babydahl, Bloody Natasha, Kylarran in Defiance
    Defiance PC/NA Founders: Professor Chaos and Iron Death, RIP brother

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