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    [Defiance 2050] 187th Fallen Guard (PS4)

    187th Fallen Guard
    Are you an individual looking to serve a cause beyond yourself? To roam the wastes not as one but as many crushing all resistance with overwhelming tactical superiority? Then enlist with the 187th Fallen Guard.

    Server: North American
    Age: 16+ For Maturity Reasons (Exceptions vary on a case to case basis)
    Able to participate in weekend operations starting 6pm CST
    Ready to participate in small and large scale battle (both PvP and PvE)
    A Microphone is required
    Ready to join a community of dedicated individuals battle hardened from large scale games like Planetside 2 and ESO and eager to grow as a community.

    To Apply
    Submit an application here

    Message Stormaaron17 on PSN or post below and one of our members will be more than happy to help.

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    there is already a 187th clan on defiance , 5 years and counting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHBRINGER210 View Post
    there is already a 187th clan on defiance , 5 years and counting.
    The 187th Fallen Guard is a branch of the 187th Gaming Community from Planetside 2 (PS4), ESO (PS4) and Warframe (PS4). The 187th Death Dealers, 187th Legion and 187 Syndicate are all their own entities. I apologize if there was any confusion

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    stormaaron is away for the next couple weeks so if he doesn't reply you can message me at xXGHOZTxRYDERXx on PSN or post below. My in game name is Little wolf.

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