In-game name:
pH Hunter

Looking for:
Assault Weapon RECOIL/ACCURACY stock with Adaptive Augmentation synergy.

Items I have to trade:
Assault weapon mods
High Cap. Mag III Adaptive Augmentation
Electrical High Cap Mag III Adaptive Augmentation
Sustained Power Muzzle V Adaptive Augmentation

Rocket Launcher mods
First Stage Booster V Adaptive Augmentation

Detonator Mods
Reserve Chamber V Flames of Passion
Perimeter Overthruster IV The Purge

Some weapons:
Blue (rare) VBI Assault Rifle Rolling Thunder with Radiation nano
Blue (rare) VOT Tachmag Pulser Assassin with Bio nano
Orange (legendary) FRC Nomad SMG Epidemic with Syphon nano

Add me and message if you wanna trade, contact details at the top