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    Be a Founder and Join Head Start on July 6th

    Arkfalls are invading PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 6th, now’s your chance to be among the first to fight in Defiance 2050 by becoming a Founder. Unlock special items bundled in a variety of Founder’s Packs available for a limited time only. Pre-order Xbox One, PC, or Steam Founder’s Packs in the store now and PS4 Packs for NA only will be available on July 6th. PS4 EU Founder’s Packs will not be available during Head Start, but all platforms and regions will be able to play at 10AM local time on July 10th for launch. See what’s included in the Ultimate Founder’s Pack here:

    Ultimate Founder’s Pack:
    • 3-day Head Start
    • $50 worth of Bits currency
    • TMW Hannibal 800R ATV
    • Assault Class + Outfit
    • Assassin Class + Outfit
    • Guardian Class + Outfit
    • Combat Medic Class + Outfit
    • Demolitionist Class + Outfit
    • Exclusive Demolitionist Outfit Tint
    • 30 Inventory Slots
    • 30-day XP Boost
    • “Classy” Title
    • “Demolitionist” Title
    • “Opportunist” Title
    Head Start Goes Live on 7/6
    Become an Ark Hunter as early as July 6th and discover the post-apocalyptic San Francisco for yourself in the world of Defiance 2050. Head Start goes live at 10:00am Pacific on Friday (7/6) on PC and 10:00am local time for Xbox One and PS4 (NA only). Head Start will continue through the official launch on Tuesday (7/10). The free-to-play Defiance 2050 launches on July 10th, and afterward the Founder’s Packs will no longer be available. After purchasing a Founder’s Pack, log onto the appropriate platform and Glyph account to play in Head Start.

    What’s New In Defiance 2050?
    Defiance 2050 is a reimagined sci-fi shooter that takes the compelling story, universe, and gameplay of the original game, and gives it a great overhaul.
    • New classes include the versatile Assault, deadly Assassin, protective Guardian, supportive Combat Medic, and explosive Demolitionist that each add their benefits to any team.
    • New item enhancements allow for more customization and power to your arsenal. Upgrade, reroll, and unlock bonuses for weapons you find and discover new prototype weapons, like the hellbug infused Venom Spitter.
    • New graphical updates for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and quality of life improvements to heighten your in-game experience.
    With new core systems and improved visuals on a newer generation of hardware, Defiance 2050 is setting a solid foundation for launch and aims to evolve the story with new content in the future.

    See you in the New Frontier!
    Scott "Mobi" Jasper
    Community Manager

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    Will our valor be in our accounts on the 6th?

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    "The free-to-play Defiance 2050 launches on July 10th, and afterward the Founder’s Packs will no longer be available. After purchasing a Founder’s Pack, log onto the appropriate platform and Glyph account to play in Head Start."

    1.) So the founders pack will be available until 9:59 AM PST on July 11?

    2.) Will the game be available to download several hours before play begins at 10 AM PST, so that we're not still trying to download the client at 4 PM PST when the servers slow down to 46 bps download speed?
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    Since there are two threads for this post, here it is again: will the PS4 Founders Packs be available for purchase *before* 10am PT?

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    Hi. I was just curious. Will the $50 Ultimate Pack come with a founder's title by chance since it is the more expensive pack to buy? I really hope so. Would be nice months later for others who join to see a founder in game. Would show for the long term players something to be proud of.

    I hope this is a thing. an Orange Founder Title Would be amazing.

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    Why do the PS4 players have to wait until the 6th to purchase the packs?? That's bs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedEvil View Post
    Why do the PS4 players have to wait until the 6th to purchase the packs?? That's bs.
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it is a Sony thing. I switched from Xbox 360 to ps4 due to the way Sony operated at the time. Since they became top dog console they are worse than MS ever was about most things.

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    Getting ultimate founder's pack. Still have my hellbug figurine that came with my ps3 collectors edition. Had a blast on ps3, enjoyed the beta on ps4 pro and can't wait to get started!

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    Still no founder pack in ps4 store!

    What the hell? Are we going to be totally excluded forever? This is outrageous. I keep seeing "Head Start is July 6th" but absolutely no word on why the Founders Pack isn't showing up in the PSN store, not on console or the desktop site. I assume we can buy it ahead of time but it's past 12 am Central Time and still no Founder's Pack. I can't believe we are still getting screwed after all this time!

    Edit: Really. Launch. We get it at launch. Awesome. In the future, here's a protip: if you know Sony is going to have worst delay because of their internal approval ***-scratching BS (should be well known by now--*waves at PS3*), would it not be logical to prioritize development and/or deadlines for the version that's going to take the longest to push thru? Just saying.

    Also, if it's is going to be late because of said ***-scratching, please own it. We know how Sony works. There is NO WORD on when the Founder's Pack will be available and the generic crap about 'Oh Head Start starts X time' is not really an explanation. C'mon guys.

    Even More Edit: Actually, if you extend the time we have to buy the Founder's Pack, that'd be fair. Seriously, I have SO MUCH MONEY TO GIVE. LET ME GIVE IT.

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    Its almost the 6th and still no Steam download available.
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