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    Just linked both 360 and xb1 but got nothing. How does the transfer start?
    No outfits, no vehicles, no titles, or valor.
    Am I missing something or is this gonna take time?

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    Transfer of loadout slot went to usa server but not the eu server claims but the character slots , appeal and titles did .

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    Apr 2016
    I do not see the value program in my store. did I do something wrong? my records emails are different but with the same nickname. help-me

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    These items did not transfer for me --

    Dodge Challenger RT Plum Crazy Pearlcoat White Stripe
    Duni Shetarru Flat Green
    City Survivalist
    Defiant Few Recon Gear
    The Adversary
    PC NA - [outcastJesTeR] Gortho
    <Chaos Crew>
    Steam - StigsCousin
    Xbox Live Gamertag - ERTStigsCousin
    My Music

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