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    can any one help me to get my acc linked i try everything but i not see my items or valor...

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    I preordered the old Defiance in 2014, bought the Digital deluxe Edition with full DLC bundle. Paratrooper Outfit and Yellow-Black Hannibal 800. Outfit and Vehicle was transfered, but I miss my extra Slots (character, loadouts, inventory). Did I understand something wrong regarding the criteria for the transfer of those slots?

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    Puschpa i have deluxe edition to i get infiltrator outfit and red hannibal 800 too.
    I dont even known what i get from being veteran or beta tester before and now.

    But we should get
    Character Slots: 4
    Loadouts: 5
    Ark Keycode Maximum: 75
    Inventory Slots: 70

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawbra View Post
    Inventory Slots: 70
    I've got the 70 inventory slots in 2050, so that's a relief...

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    Yes Dawbra, it seems kinda messed up. I got Infiltrator outfit, but not the red Hannibal 800, and I only have 2 character slots, 2 loadout slots and 5 Ark key max. Inventory is at 50 slots.

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    All the bought and redeemed stuff I've had in Oldfiance was claimed successfully. Here they are:

    RM "Torque or Threat"
    Challenger Fucshia from Trion Creator redeem code
    Challenger Red Octane from Armistice '17 redeem code
    Raptor Blk/Red from DLC 1
    Hannibal Blk/Red from a bundle
    7th Legion Ashigaru
    The Witch
    The Warlock
    Zhwaze Warrior (DLC 1 outfit)
    Trion Supporter outfit
    2 loadout slots
    7000 valor points.

    I likr to see that the game didn't crash now.

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    This level of disrespect is annoying. Trion really thinks im gonna spend my money twice ins the same Account upgrades, even if they stated in the FAQ that it would be transfer? Did they truly shot in their feet? VI bought the game, seasson pass and 42€ in microtransactions, and all i receive its a couple of skins? Really?

    In their minds players have no self-respect or what? I would be happy to spend money, but not in the same upgrades.

    If they dont fix this, they have lose me playing their game, my money and my respect.

    +120 inventory
    +75 keycode capacity
    +5 loadouts per character
    +4 character slots per server
    +Seasson Pass

    =2000 valor??

    Are you kidding me Trion and Defiance Devs??

    I mean, you said in the FAQ that account upgrades would be tranfer, and now they are not??

    Veterans players as me keeped this game alive, and you are insulting us.

    I hope you fix this greedy, scammy, scummy mess.

    Meantime, i will be playing and spending money in a game that respect their players, Warframe.

    Im a "whale", a little one, but if you want my money, you have to gain it.

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    hey im missing my hellblazer !
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    i bought the delux edition and the standard edition and in shop a lot of inventory slots... i had over 440 inventory slots in old Defiance. Nothing is transfered.

    I don't pay again for more inventory slots in 2050. i paid for it in old Defiance!
    2050 is not a new game, it is only a game update, of old defiance and a destroy of all what we have in old defiance.

    I can live with the destroy of all of my items, but i paid for extra inventory slots in shop and i want it transfered to 2050!

    I love Defiance, i love the game (old Defiance) and the community! I bought often patron pass for my account(s), but i am not willing to pay again, for what i have bought before.
    I will pay for new content, like new and alot bigger maps and more. But i will not pay for things i have paid before!

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    Im missing so much it hurts.

    Only thing they got right on my acct was the titles.
    Vehicles i have on ps3 that didn't transfer.

    **A-Tex Growler Camo Dark Green
    **A-Tex Growler Camo Purple
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo Cyan
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo Grey
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo Light Green
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo Orange
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo Red
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo White
    **A-Tex Growler Pro Camo Yellow
    **Dodge Challenger RT High Octane Red Pearlcoat Black Stripe
    **Dodge Challenger RT Plum Crazy Pearlcoat White Stripe
    **Dodge Challenger RT Sublime Pearl Coat Black Stripe
    **Duni Shetarru Black
    **Duni Shetarru Blue
    **Duni Shetarru Bright Green
    **Duni Shetarru Flat Green
    **Duni Shetarru Orange
    **Duni Shetarru Pink*
    **Duni Shetarru Purple
    **TMW Hannibal 650R VBI Cyan/Blue
    **TMW Hannibal 650R VBI Yellow/Green
    **TMW Hannibal 800R VBI White/Cyan

    Helmet & Outfits I had on ps3 that didnt transfer.

    **CBMC Marine
    **Collective Predator
    **E-Rep Heavy Trooper
    **Infantry Veteran
    **Plague Doctor Mask

    No inventory slots though I purchased enough to have 201. No ark keys i had a max of 105. No load outs added i had 6 on each acct.

    I did submit a ticket with pictures of my stuff so we will see if Trion will try to fix this stuff or if it was just bait to get old players to download the game for launch and get their numbers up.

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