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    Not seeing any of this

    I have logged in and haven't gotten anything on this list and had most of it wtf

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    I didn't get a lot of my headgear and outfits I got none from 7th Legion and Gunslinger DLC. I didn't get my Corp. Valentine outfit I'm really bummed about that and not getting my cowboy hat that I wear with it the Black one

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    I played beta then started day 1 defiance 360 in 2013. My 360 character was artavion. I had all pursuits completed, gold in every event activity and challenge, hotshot ect. I had every tv episode code applied and numerous others. My ego was 6k i played for 2 to 3yrs. I was one who was given a story for being a top arkfall hunter during the arkfall contest. My story wasnt picked. Anyways why do i have to do everything all over again. I had everything completed 100% . I Thought i was going to be rewarded for my accomplishments in defiance 2050. I had barely anything in my claims. It really doesnt make sense. Wheres my stuff 🔥

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    I played for a long time as well, probably the better part of 3 years and I had nothing in my claims at all. I put so many hours into the original Defiance and not even a title to show for it. That's really disappointing
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    Ok I tried posting into general discussion but here goes nothing, long story short where the hell in my stuff? 16 item claims yet none I couldn't live without, I want my charge blades, my BMG's/Infector I want my damn charity event items like my buggy and weapons. All I get is 1000 valor as well.....my ego was way above 1000 yet I get such a low amount that I can't even buy a decent costume or vehicle in the so-called valor shop. If anything I want compensation for the wasted time and effort just to be completely reset. Not fair and a poor business model, don't ever expect me to ever pay again for any of your products unless we get some sort of worthy compensation. I know I'm not alone in this and I'm honestly furious. You guys didn't even send me a email or notification of any kind about these changes, if I knew beforehand I would've never have wasted my time trying this "relaunch". I'll give 30days tops if I don't see any worthy changes then you lost a paying veteran.

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    I posted this in general earlier this morning before seeing this thread. I did not receive any loadout slot when I signed in to make my first toon on PC. I also talked to several players that received inventory slot upgrades in claims. my xbox 360 gamertag is Krackbone and my PC name is Celldweller.

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    same here. been asking for it to come to new consoles since the new consoles came out. they finally done it, with the same game that doesnt even look remastered, and well have to earn or buy everything again

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    how come pc players dont get the transfers

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    My stuff

    I just got back to the States from Serving over seas in the armed forces. I just got medically discharged and home on the 15th. I just found out that the old version of defiance is being shut down and there is this 2050 now. And that i had to do something pre-release to get my stuff transferred. How was i to do that when i was deployed, i had bigger things to worry about. How is this Fair? What am i to do to get all the stuff i earned and paid money for? I am a PC player.

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    mine too is missing most did not come

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