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    so u cant transfer anything useful like weapons inventory , dlcs , inventory slots , key cap or anything else useful what a surprise well that's trion.. lol

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    Where is my anything?!?

    I really think I may host anyone who has not received anything on my YouTube channel and just make a Twitter account call TRIONgamesLIED. I'm so irate. Even worse they sent out a generic email to all the people saying your problem was solved. No, no it was not. My name was urmother on PS3 OG DEFI and is URMOTHER on DEFI2050 PS4. I work for D3 publishing as a game tester and I can say this could all be fixed in a few hours. I offered our code writers to help them but of course I get just a generic email back. I understand they are overloaded but they need a dedicated email and crew to fix this issue. Three people at most to address this issue. I want to twist my controller until it snaps when my clan tell me all the LOADOUTS and inventory slots they got. I got no valor at all. I started as if I did not drop 2-300$ on the last game.

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    I have the Outfit, "Street Samurai" on my Xbox 360 account, and expected it to be sent to my 2050 account along with all my other Outfits. I did receive just about everything from my account on 360....Except for the ONE OUTFIT I wanted MY STREET SAMURAI !! My Gamer Tag is opalgem My 2050 account is on XBOX 1 and my Gamer Name is Dragonna Lar, May I please get my outfit sent to my X BOX ONE. Thank you Mobi...
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    Where is my E-rep Seabee & Rescue Engineer Outfit

    I've gotten both outfits on the power tech crate while back on the PS3 and I never got them both [*]E-Rep Seabee[*] Rescue Engineer

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    I didn't receive many of my transferrables, Contacted cs who had me jumping thru hoops to prove I had the items on 360...then after 2 weeks they tell me they are unable to restore my items it was all controlled by computers...lol why bother?

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