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    XB1 game crashes

    I do not know how many others that are having this issue but every major arkfall or any siege I go to my game crashes. I mean complete crashing to Xbox dashboard and having to relaunch the game. This is ridiculous and wasting my head start time that I'm suppose to have from buying ultimate founder pack.

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    I am having the same issues. I also crash every time me and a friend make a group together. Please get this fixed it is very frustrating to constantly have game crash when I could be getting good loot, scrip, do or what have you. I know we are gonna have issues being just released and being part of early release, but this is a huge bug.

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    Yea A lot of game dashboarding doing mission or arkfall on Xbox one. None of my other games have issues.even reinstalled defiance and didn't help.please fix

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    I’m having the same problem on my end. Arkfalls and Sieges cause immediate crashing at least 75-80% of the time on approach. When I do manage to play through one, the majority of the time I crash or disconnect near the end. I’m not normally one to come to a forum to complain, but this simply is not a viable product.

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    Same issue here, Large public events cause a crash to dashboard. This is occurring in both Sieges and Major Arkfalls, but not minor arkfalls.

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    My game also crashes everytime I attempt to do a ark fall, I'm also getting booted from my vehicle

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    Crashing at random intervals, usually just riding between locations. Not very optimistic how the servers will hold come full release.

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    Arkfall crash

    I've had the same issue where anytime I approach an arkfall my game crashes to xb1 dash. Not even trying to join the occurance I crash. It seems like a very big waste for me to have boosts if I can't use them to do the only true mmo activity available for the game right now.

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    Same issue for me as well. Approaching any group activity causes the game to crash back to dash approximately 70% of the time.

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    Good afternoon, Arkhunters! This is a known issue that we are in the process of getting corrected, as quickly as possible. As soon as I have some good news for everyone I will update here again. Thank you all for your reports on this!

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