Hello fellow Ark Hunters I am here to tell Hunters I will be streaming Gameplay on twitch @ OhmyitsSlim and grouping up with viewers to run missions and ArkFalls. I stream Daily make sure you follow me on twitch to get a notification on when I start streaming. We will have a great time so be ready to have fun and don't be a debby downer to the stream and other viewers is all I ask. Be Helpful and Understanding that all Ark Hunters aren't as great as others but with commitment and Grade A guidance we will get them to become the best Ark Hunters Defiance has ever seen. You can also follow me on Mixer as well because I will occasionally be streaming on there as well. I look forward to seeing all you Guys and Gals on the channel and most importantly playing with all in the time we have to Kick some Butt! Once you follow me be sure to add me on xbox One and tell me so we can play together.