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    DLC's Sync Offline Mode - Issue

    Supposedly the bugs of the trophies installation of the DLCs is due the F2P transition in August 2014, right?

    I have the ultimate version on disk and this had all the DLCs, I can play the DLCs but I do not have them installed.

    I deleted my account and the game, then download the game and create the account again.

    Syncronize Offline:




    All perfect!!!!

    Start the game and immediately press the PS button and the game disappeared from my list:


    Press the PS Button again and return to the game to install the last patch and I put PS again and had 0% of trophies:


    After installing the patch:


    The game began to synchronize trophies:


    Press the PS button to see my trophies

    OH MY GOD, the game deleted my list of DLCs trophies



    If the error is because the game was free as of 2014, because this user has all the trophies in 2016:


    How could he install the trophies and get everything?

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    Hola Manu,

    You should ask this user how he/she got the trophies but the problem seemed to be WHEN you bought the DLC. I assume the DLC on disc are prior to F2P, so you're screwed. In my personal case, I'n only missing the last DLC because I bought it after the game went F2P. I can see the pursuits in game but trophies are not showing in my list.

    Please, use the old thread. I know it's useless, but it's where all the info is: http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...-for-DLC-packs

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