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    Question Defiance 2050 PvP class?

    I don't know if its an appropriate place to ask but since I'm a new player...

    What's the best class to start with if I am aiming for PvP? Are they all good?

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    Guardian Class because it allows you to absorb and heal a lot of damage. Also, since the Demolition Class is popular right now many players are using explosives, there is a perk that allows you to negate nearly 50% of the range of explosives. Lastly, my apologies for not naming the perk but as I am typing I cannot log onto the game and check the name.

    Sincerely, AZRA2050

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    Guardian is incredibly powerful due to his sheer tankiness.
    Barrier can make you easily win Observatory hallway battles and fully protect you from non-explosive fire if you're in a corner.
    Steadfast and Bolster give you an unholy amount of tankiness.

    Medic is pretty alright while his bot is up. If you're using a Shield or Armor, enemies must kill the M-Bot or else they won't be able to kill you.

    Demolitionist can negate 90% of explosive self-damage, removing explosive weapons's main weakness and his Satchel can deal heavy damage in big area.

    Assault only shines in two situations: Sawn-off+Speed with the [faster reload while Speed is active] perk builds.
    Or when using a Mazu, Sovereign or SMG with a high Power Rating scope and Accuracy roll (although accuracy rolls are funky in PvP right nowz they sometimes don't activate). This one requires a very high PR in order to pull of but when you do, you can deal a significant amount of damage in a comfy manner.
    If you're starting PvP I wouldn't recommend it although the Health Stim ability is pretty user friendly.

    The Assassin can deal a silly amount of damage but he's quite weak when his abilities are down so you have to pick your engagements well.
    Since right now PvP is chaotic and unorganized, as people are still learning this new PvP, its best to stay away from Assassin unless you're playing Capture & Hold.

    I'd recommend Guardian as you're starting out.

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    Given that you are playing on PC isn't player movement more intense on that platform? The Assault class should be the best offensive class at close to mid range. I would suggest a faster sensitivity for PC players and close quarters combat to all people who use the Assault Class. When I max out assault I personally will use a smg&shotty with a maxed out Assault Dampen passive(to reduce nearly 50% of recoil), and play hit and run offense while using Sprint, Close Combat and Stim.

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    PC is weird right now. Everyone has low PR weapons so all weapons have bad accuracy. This forces you to ADS in order to hit stuff, which slows you down.
    Like I said, Assault will be incredibly good when we get higher PR and our weapons start getting good hipfire accuracy.

    PS: don't use SMGs. They are pretty bad. Use Mazus instead. They have comfortable mag size, slightly faster reload and deal a lot more crit damage, while dealing about the same body shot damage.
    SMGs were nerfed from Beta sadly (their crut was much higher), so they're back to being useless.

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