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    Europe Connection Timed Out

    Happen only with EU server, do not have such problems with NA server...
    Btw, it happen only when I'm trying to connect the World after Cutscene, to start tutorial mission, but have no problems in Character Creation.

    Also I'm not alone with this problem, here is the thread about in on Steam-forums of the game: https://steamcommunity.com/app/74309...scn=1531252649

    Looks like game do not allow new characters to enter the world.

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    Also ppl on forums noticed, and I see this too, when game Disconnects you to the Character selection screen, then Character there wear another Outfit, but not a Class one you chose.
    Also ppl who created character before 10/July/2018 launch say that they can connect with old characters, but experience same problem as we do with new ones.

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