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    Into the Depths mission bug - Can't enter instance/infinite load screen

    Every single time I attempt to enter the bunker, the game goes into infinite loading screens and will not progress. I recall the same bug on the PS3 version, and it seems several dozen legacy PS3 bugs were simply carried over into the PS4 version, emphasizing the original issues the game suffered from were due to terrible game architecture itself.

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    Devs are aware as of about 20 minutes ago and are working on fixing this.

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    Me too bro

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    Hello, Arkhunter. We are aware of this issue and will be getting it corrected as soon as possible.

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    Has there been any fix to this yet as my partner she is still getting no where

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    Any update on the mission being fixed? Still can't get in 8pm est.

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    I love how you call us ark hunter when most of us can barely log into the game and if we get in going to an arc is a 95% guaranteed crash.

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    same issue on NA server, thanks for reply dev
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