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    Xbox One major arkfall and siege crashes!!

    So I cannot do major arkfall or sieges now on Xbox one, my game crashes every time I attempt to do one or the other.

    I love defiance from back on 360, was excited for this on xb1, but if I cannot do majors or sieges then I can't a reason to continue playing as these are a big part of the game.

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    I'm getting the same problem, sieges and major arkfalls crash the game on Xbox one, happened three times in a row.

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    im having the Same issue but on PC the game littely just freezes and then Shuts down with no Error code , error screen or anything

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    Game crashes on Xbox one

    The game keeps just crashing and bringing me back to the Xbox one home screen. It was doing he same thing prior to Jose server resets just wondering if you it’s are still resolving this issue

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    same here went to the major arkfall game crashed so load it up again and once again it crashes did that 5 times so i gave up im on xbox on the na servers

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