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    Dam spell check explosions lol. I probably should use pc not iPhone to post.

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    I agree I also suggest some things to cause less server lag.
    1. If you are ungrouped then you are not looking to really hang with anyone so as long as you are 'online' then it could play like a single player game.
    2. If another person is on the same quest in the open world you can 'see' them and you guys can both effect the outcome and share in it's spoils.
    3. The arkfalls Major and minor and others like it should be an area of involvement. In other words if you enter this area you are all instanced to this activity like one taking up quests for racing or some such.
    4. Of course if grouped with other all of you should persist in the same phase in the game world together.
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    the people driving vehicles around ark falls was an issue fixed like first couple months of defiance 2013, this irritates me cause i got a message from someone basically telling me to babysit a couple of my clan members cause they were driving cars around arkfalls, now how am i suppose to know and or stop them from doing that? anyways back to the point, so i have to deal with hate mail like its my fault, no this was fixed long time ago, devs of 2013 made vehicles weaker, trion in 2018 must be all new devs cause i dunno how a dev that been there in 13 when car health was being tuned didnt say umm yeah we cant buff vehicles we already did that we had to nerf them a couple times actually to fix them... rant over
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephkial View Post
    Good morning, Arkhunters. We are aware of the issue with vehicle indestructibility and will be working to correct it.
    Vehicle destructibility as well. Was doing one of the Time Trials for Tarr Traxx dailies yesterday and—after already spending five minutes driving around—instantly blew up when my truck hit a little chicken at Kenn Farm.

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    On the flip side, on the road vehicles are inconsistently ridiculously fragile. Sometimes you can plow through no damage, then another you hit 1 hellbug small spawnling or raider or generic 99er and BOOM your entire car is destroyed. Like, not even trying to run down the volge or anything, I can sorta get it with my quad or the hoverbike, but less amusing (ok, sorta amusing) when its my big truck.

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