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    Same game, same issues...

    Down to the bugs and the lag.

    Is that just me? Currently, i'm just trying to get to level 10 for the Iron Demon Deputy suit.... and i can't.

    Too many times, the enemies are teleporting or just standing there taking shots to the face with no damage. At one point, i'm driving on a empty road and suddenly a barracade pops up in front of me. Not an open world mission spawning in but actual set piece, always there barracades, became visible two seconds after it stopped me. Other times, i was driving on an ACTUAL empty road and i hit something that isn't there and tossed from the vehicle (which drive terrible, by the way), only to get in and drive clean through what ever just stopped me. Hellbugs are diving through the map, and not in their actual burrowing way. Water just looks weird, audio isn't lining up with collisions, The hoverbike clearly makes ATV noises and can't seem to get over a curb at anything less than full speed... it just kind of humps the curb if a funny way.

    What's going on here? This is just the same game with the same issues.

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    thats what i said

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    I cant even stay logged in for more than 10 minutes before the game craps itself and lags me out. I mean really trion get the lag issue fixed. Missions wont even load, and if they do its just so laggy it auto extracts. That happened 27 times doing bullet for a bad man.

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    At this point they should sell out to Digital Extreme they fix issues with in a few hours of reports.

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    Since it seems to be same issues, i really wonder about server or game engine memory leak causing lag. It seems that when they reset server it goes away, then slowly gets laggy over time, and as more log on, until it becomes unplayable. Anyhow you look at it, the problem should have been fixed. I really want to enjoy this game, but these issues are why i quit it back on ps3.

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    yea its sad the game is fun to play but i think it may be time to move on and let the game dwindle away on its own now its a complete mess and i don't think trion knows what to do

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