Downtime for Xbox One NA will start around 3:45PM PT on July 11, 2018 for approximately 2 hours.

Xbox NA players,

We will be bringing down servers in about 15 minutes to help reduce crashes and latency. Down time will be approximately 2 hours, and we are still working on issues for all platforms as well. Thanks for playing and we'll keep you updated.

6:05PM PT - Quick Update
We're adding a fix along with the server improvements which will help improve stability, but the down time has been extended. We don't have an estimated time yet for Xbox NA, but are working hard to get everyone back in action as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for updates.

7:50PM PT - Back Online
Xbox NA is coming back online now, thanks for your patience. We are still working on several fixes across all platforms and trying to improve latency issues players are experiencing. If you run into a bug, please post on bug section of our forums.