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    EHY! if it help us not getting dashboarded out of da game all few minutes then im happy. let these guys do thier work and be thankfull goddammit! and your co-stream
    would pretty lame if you get kicked out all 5 minutes eh?
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    Ok, so let me get this right? Trion took the game servers down to implement a hotfix of some sort. Servers came back online but the latency/lag is still horrendous. There was still a queue (a small one but still) and people are still getting disconnected. I mean, what does a person have to do to play a working game around here? Oh, I bet the answer is “play on pc”. Smh.
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    Back Online - Xbox NA is coming back online now, thanks for your patience. We are still working on several fixes across all platforms and trying to improve latency issues players are experiencing. If you run into a bug, please post on bug section of our forums.[/I]
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    The servers are busy, you have been placed in the queue.

    Queue position 477
    Estimated time remaining 10 minutes

    Not off to a great start here lol.

    Signed out and back in hoping a fresh restart would help. Nope.. Queue 477 and estimated time 26 minutes.

    Did we not flip all the switches back on?
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    774 wait time 39 mins. glad I paid $50 to sit at a load screen.

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    6 minutes later and still stuck at 26 minutes. Hello devs? Attention please?

    Did the servers go back down? Kept hitting b button and a button to get back into server only to get down to next in queue and then defiance servers are not available.
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    In queue position 50 , 1 minute woohoo! Lol

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    Finally made it in the game! Lol servers may be back up!

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    i made it back too

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    Nevermind game just crashed ! ��

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