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    We did a quick server restart to help alleviate queue times for Xbox NA and upgraded server stability with this recent fix, thanks for your patience Ark Hunters
    Scott "Mobi" Jasper
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    lag bad... I opt for shutdown 24 hours. Fix this, client update or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SABR3WULF View Post
    Servers are down for me? When will they be back up? I bought the ultimate founder pack and my XP boost is being wasted because I can't play with it saying defiance servers unavailable...I'm supposed to be co-streaming Defiance tonight in 20 minutes and not able to play. This is not acceptable!
    I know the feeling. I go to work and when I get home I expect to be able to play. Nope sorry East coast servers are down again. "Sorry we are bringing down some servers to fix lag and overloaded servers." Huh so why East coast all the time and not West coast?????

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