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    Quote Originally Posted by Ungodlyomen View Post
    So everything is based around power. Enhancing weapons give more power - also allows higher power items to drop. This is the only way to build up your power.

    Salvaging crates are on sale in cash shop. Pure pay to win.

    Ark keys allow you to get items to raise your power. Original rewards drop 100 or more below your current power level. However using arkfall keys grants you items above your power level.
    Limit 2 daily from daily grind.

    Ark keys are for sale in the cash shop. Pure pay to win.

    The entire system was built around these 2 items which they sell in cash shop. Do not support this guys. Do not buy into this. This is the kind of game that is ruining our gaming community.

    If they spent more time on content,stability and gameplay rather than trying to get in our wallet harder and faster. This game wouldnt be in this condition. Outfits/vehicles/boost should be more than enough income. Then dlcs and extra classes even more income. There is no reason to sell power in the cash shop. except greed.

    This is pure pay to win trash. Do not be fooled. Tell you friends , family , clan mates. Do not support this.
    believe me how mad i am, i started this game form the time we had to buy it we had to buy DLC,s now they give us the same game with facken new name and what i have to pay again? to win to get better guns and so on. I already paid and lost everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenoe View Post
    you won't. They have higher rarity, not power level. You get more power from loot during arkfall then from two items in last chest, one of which is mod. I suspect this will be the good source for legendary mods, the only one for solo players. But boxes aren't helping to progress to it.
    im seeing blues and purples outside the chest. so yea not higher rarity at all. I found one prototype after doing sutro tower. best drop so far and highest power rating wep. sadly i have not found anything close enough to be higher yet. going on 3 days now. basing drops on avg power rating is so bad if you get zone prototype weps cause im forced to grind 50 cores per wep to increase the avg power drop. its imn at the point in game its pay to progress.

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    Winning what, though? You "level" faster, but the Defiance endgame isn't level 50 or 5000 power or whatever—it's getting the right weapons with the right bonuses and the right mods (and the right synergies, eventually).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ungodlyomen View Post
    They can make money with out being pay to win. Just have to stop with crappy content and give good updates, listen to players, and have interesting out fits/ vehicles.

    And the bit in bold / italics is the bit they appear to omit time and time again.

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    The tricky evil thing is they purposefully keep the key capacity low. Consider. Using your keys at low PL (I'm 2000 and I still consider that Low PL) on the chests seems to be a total waste. The stuff they give you is basically lower powered store gear, but blue. Since the churn is roughly 'that gun you're using now will be outdated and underpowered in 30 minutes or less, depending on your PL gains', so you'll dismantle it for parts anyway, getting a blue gun early isn't really any use related to a green gun of the same type.

    Heck if the green gun is a few more points more in PL than the blue one, it tends to be better.

    Thus, spending keys is something you do just because you cap out quickly anyway.

    But on the other hand, logic seems to indicate, hey...if quality of stuff is largely dependent on my PL, I should bank stuff until higher PL to make it worthwhile. The legendary mods and the like.

    Which is why the criminally low key capacity is an intentional design. You can't bank your keys. I mean you can, but that means you lose out every time you earn a new key. So instead if they just gave you 50 capacity or whatever the old one was, My Oldefiance key capacity was like...80-something? You could more reasonably bank keys, maybe spend one or two once in awhile, but largely hold them until you cap out PL 5000 or so, and then buy stuff from chests. That would be value.

    This way? They're basically giving you a salvage item, or a hundred-scrip-ish value sell item. Basically with a 'use it or lose it' resource. Which makes it funny when they want to charge what...basically a buck-fifty in real life money if you wanted to buy a key. That's some ballsy stuff

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    Havnt spent any of my bits yet and sitting on 2500+ power.....yep totally pay to win.....*facepalm*

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    Did you really think that Trion wouldn't find someway to make money since they are releasing this game as a F2P? One way another bills have to be paid nothing is truly free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenoe View Post
    no, just play the game and you will see.

    If you don't then pay $10k and then you will see.
    Gonna award this the most nonsense post on the forum in the last 24 hours.

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    This is a free to play game surely there will be a grind to get a higher power level plus Trion puts those things in the store for people who want to purchase them not that you have to purchase them just to gain an advantage if your not happy with it quit the game and stop whining like some entitled cry baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr NeedIes View Post
    Havnt spent any of my bits yet and sitting on 2500+ power.....yep totally pay to win.....*facepalm*
    Same situation for me too. Just over 2500 now and still sitting on my Ultimate Founder pack's bits... I haven't seen how you actually 'Win' by paying. It's more a means to improve power rating progress for those that don't play much or don't mind spending their money.

    What's there to WIN anyway? Is there some million dollars in total prize money awarded to the 1st thru 25th players (sort of how golf tournaments distribute their winnings) to get to 5000 power? Hah. No.

    Seriously, chill out OP... you either enjoy playing the game or not. Keep it simple. No need to rush a heart attack. There's much improved over-all with 2050 in that you can earn everything in game, compared to the RNG crates from hell in Defiance 2013 which are gone. There's your WIN for F2P folks on a budget. I don't begrudge Trion making money, the company is investing in our fun... they should earn some for putting up with us.

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