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Thread: Xbox NA Clans

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    Xbox NA Clans

    So what clans are picking up steam on Xbox NA? The two clans I was associated with on the 360 haven’t come over from what I can tell, so I’m in the market for a new one! Looking for a larger clan with lots of action. I loved calling out majors, sieges, and WMs and having lots of blue show up and would like to see it again. I was always active in the voice chat too, but I’m not sure if they brought voice chat over yet. So what’s the scoop?
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    Dawn Patrol has been up and running since the 7th of July on the X1.

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    From what i've seen, The Defiant Few have a LOT of members. If the cap remains the same as original (300) i think they're pretty close to it.

    I run a clan, but i only have 25 members atm LOL. Recruiting is a bit "eh" because everybody wants to do their own thing. But i'm sure that'll change later in the games life.

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