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    A Couple of Thoughts

    First off I'm really enjoying the new game, well done to all concerned, and thanks for trying to fix things quickly (for the despondent naysayer types - This shtako takes time)

    Now on to my reasons for posting

    Rep Contracts I'm not too happy that the rep contracts seem to be tied to hotshots and such right now. This is supposed to be an MMO so why the hell are these contracts tied to single player stuff? Much better before when it was tied to doing conflict sites and such where I at least had the option to do them in a group.

    Server Region Locking I chose to "buy" D50 on XBone so that I could play with my friends. These friends are from all over the world. So why am I prevented from playing with my US based friends? If an eight year old game like Star Trek Online lets me play with absolutely everyone why doesn't this revamped Defiance? Not good enough Trion you can and really must do better.

    And before anyone chips in about the swapping regions to "buy" the game; that's complete garbage, why should I or anyone else have to jump through these hoops just because Trion dropped the ball?

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    Yeah, i hope they change these contracts. Those challenges are so boring. Put the missions, it's so much fun and we can make with friends.

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