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    Scrip Boost: Broken?

    I have an open ticket, but I figured I'd put it here too.

    I purchased a Scrip booster, +50 percent. But I'm noticing that missions and stuff drop their listed rewards, no boost. Sad thing was I don't think I paid attention to it until recently, so it could have been going 2 days now without working.

    Anyone else using the scrip boost?

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    I would speculate that it only affects scrip drops (which is how I believe it worked in D13), but since D50 doesn't have scrip drops, you just get hosed. Probably one of those things they copied over but didn't change to reflect how scrip is acquired in D50.

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    Heh, my ticket is still open. Hope to hear from them, probably will ask for a refund of bits if so.

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    So its been 2 days, just got the 'we need more info generic email response'. So I'll put the same stuff here that I sent to the ticket:

    Time: This happens at all times. I purchased the +50 percent scrip booster (it now has about 11 hours left until it expires).

    Class and level don't seem to matter, happens on all my classes, I'm Ego 50, Class 25 in everything, 2100-ish Light level.

    Game details: This appears to involve any mission, including side missions. I only receive the listed amount of scrip rewards, so a side mission, any side mission seems to have a reward listed of 100 or 250 scrip depending on type. At the end of the mission I only receive that base reward amount.

    My expected outcome? A 50 percent scrip bonus from those missions.

    Observed outcome: Base scrip rewards, no influence by scrip booster.

    Reproduction: I can't do side missions or missions I've already completed, all I have left are the side missions I haven't done yet. Each is the same, it will provide 100 or 250 scrip rewards, no boost.

    At this point I'm kinda frustrated, because it feels like I spent 400 bits on something that doesn't actually do anything. I mean there's no more ground drops of scrip, so that's not being boosted. Its not giving me more money on missions or side missions.

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