The definition of insanity is the definition of defiance. Do something repeatedly expecting a different result. I was playing island of the lost night and I do not feel like I'm. Bing rewarding. For playing. 10 times in a row to spend one key. It is ridiculous. I've been kicked more times than I have actually opened up a box. Stabilize the game or shut it down. These are you options. Don't keep scamming everyone. I will look up the laws. For false advertising. Is that is exactly what you were all doing? If I can't even play a full match of the game to end up getting the reward that is literally the definition of insanity. I came into the defiance 2050 with a open mind, that it was 100% a new game. In came to find out it's 100% of the old b*******. So step one. Please stabilize the game. Or shut it down. Step 2. Please add trade. The whole point of the game and getting Loot is trade. Without that. It's over makes The. game worthless 100%.