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    the good the great the bad and the ugly

    2 days defiance. 2050. Is a game that I enjoyed very much to see remade What I have liked about it Is that you guys removed The Ammo. For the grenades. But you also removed hatchling grenade's all together and put it. In a class of its own. Demolition. Good results bad idea. If you're going to do that which I have a funny feeling your going to try to do that to our blast rifles. Infectors. And other loved weapons, such as the swords in melee weapon. Which you have put into the assassins class? Please do not do this. Those R. Most. Tradeable weapon. Types. If you remove these from the game, you remove a big element that plp farming for. Individual weapon class ideas. Is not gonna fly with your customers so if that's what you're planning to put my infectors blast rifles another weapon types in to individual class. Please stop ahead. That was some of the good. now the great I love balance of pvp everything seems like it does what it's supposed to. Please add more maps to our competitional. Elements. Thank. For the bad. New balancing of the system is not great wish we would've not mess. With the ego system and this new power rating system sucks. Major big fat 1s please improve it. Or get rid of it altogether and go back.It seems like your whole crew. Does 3 steps backwards one step to the side This is not good. You are breaking the game more. im not finding anything worth using other than the Venom Spitter. I have not got anything worth wild to keep me playing this game. Either. You were dropped chance is so under 1%. that is literally impossible to get ojs in this game or you have removed them all together. I have talked to several people that think just that. That you don't want us to have any legendary weapons to keep your game balance and to keep us trying to buy into your bit bull shi that's the bad now the ugly. Your game. Is so laggy? Please stabilize it, I can't even play the storyline, Co op or PVp I have 20 more days before I cant ask for refund. That's how long you guys have to stabilize your game. Before I seriously consider signing a petition for false advertising. That is how ugly your game is getting you guys make promises and do not keep them. That is a horrible business. Practice. I was OK, losing all my gear. Starting fresh. But now I feel like you are scamming me and not going to reward me for my loyalty I am paying customer if you don't listen to the ones who keep giving your pay check then we all need to sign a false advertising petition? I'm not ok with the pay 2. Win. Business program. Like and said in another post. islands of the lost at the end of the mission, he says. That your actions do not go on unnoticed. I have played that mission almost 100 times. My actions have been completely unnoticed and unrewarded.

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    Lemme subcrib e to you real quick. I've been thinking the same thing but never asked bought that.

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