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    Vehicles exploding constantly

    Something needs to be done about the vehicles, how are we meant to use them as transportation, much less ramming tools if they explode on impact with two skitterlings. The damage stat on vehicles seems pointless now and getting from A to B is a major hassle. Please bring the vehicle hitpoints back up to a point where they can atleast ram through a couple of roadside enemies.

    If what I am hearing is correct and they were nerfed to prevent using them for arkfalls, just make the rider dismount when they enter the arkfall zone. It's doable, It's a simple "If-then" code.

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    i agree, i would understand if running into Monarchs would cause my vehicle to explode, but skitterlings or other "grunt" type enenmies should not, how are we expected to roll over the amount of enemies necessary for the vehicle license's now?

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