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    Question Defiance runs...Defiance 2050 dont.....Why?

    Can someone please tell me how to set up D2050 so that it runs?

    What I get is the glyph....then click play....then black screen for about 8 secs...then drop back to desktop.

    Thats it.

    Yet the old Defiance ran just fine. (either via steam or via glyph standalone).

    I think I need to somehow set up the settings, like screen rez, quality etc etc before I try to run the game, but there is no settings I can find to do that.

    (Maybe in a hidden ini or txt file somewhere on the PC??)

    I cant think of any other reason why it wont run.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please.


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    Same problem. Technical support does not respond: X

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    Exactly the same problem, could play the closed betas and then that happened in the open beta.

    Bought the demo founder option for early access and have been dealing with this problem since.

    Can play the 2013 game, just not 2050. So far none of the suggestions for fixes have worked.

    2050 playstyle of clicking on play button and getting a white full screen then returning to the glyph desktop is working flawlessly, though it's not worth 20 dollars.

    Can I get the money back without messing up the account on Defiance 2013?

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    defiance 13 playable.lmao. really ?

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    @Telemachus, @WeXeLL......

    I feel your pain guys. I SO wanted this to work, but with them not even bothering to reply and to help or get it sorted out via patch or ANYTHING, its pointless.

    The only thing I can see that is diff to the orig Defiance and the D2050 one is that the change from DX9 to DX11.
    Maybe that could be the issue for some people but I still think that if you could just change the set up of the game BEFORE we run it, then we should be in with a good chance of playing it.

    I would like to bet that it is something they did to the setup of the game just before they released it...something that was not in the Beta...thats the cause of all this problem.

    But I cant find out any way at all to change startup settings, so I guess I will have to uninstall the game and move on. Which I dont want to do as the ppl in the clan (and others in game) were great and I will miss teaming with em.

    Good luck to you all....hope this gets sorted out SOON.

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    Defiance was a DX9 game and Defiance 2050 is a DX11 game, Maybe if you try to reinstall DX11 that'll solve your problem. Also, always reboot your PC after a reinstall. Hope that helps.

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    run the launchers as admin the same with the game

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