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    Xbox One and One X crashing to dashboard.

    So I didnt get the opportunity to beta this version of Defiance but I have been able to replicate a fatal and game breaking error from the Defiance xbox 360 days. Spamming the pickup button (X) during any large scale even to pick stuff up during combat is making my game crash right to the Xbox dashboard and has been all the way up to you guys patching some stuff at 2am mountain time today. I have tested this as has several clan mates and close friends with the same results.

    Platform: Xbox One\ Xbox One X
    Realm: North America
    Character: Mr Holman\ DevilsShard
    Attempting to: Pick up loot while in combat at arkfalls and sieges on any scale.
    Result: Game Crashing without warning.

    I know you guys have a lot on your plate and not every fix will bring noticable changes. But these need to be addressed. Large scale events are the back bone of the game and without them Defiance is a scaled down copy of ESO minus replayability.

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    Up. Wrote in another thread about the same. No Arkfalls for us right now.

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