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    Thumbs up connection time out

    After completing a co op and burning a key mind you, I got timed out and now cant log back in. There goes my Friday night I guess. I have not seen trion reply to any who has had this issue. It would be nice to hear some feedback. I'm on ps4 NA. Edit...... upon making a new charcter, and completing tutorial, I was able to log in my main. Played a while and went to do a mission that put me in a loading screen (third tarr family mission) and boom, time out again. Cant log either charcter now. Going to delete new character and make a new one again to see if that works again. Will update. Edit number 2. No dice, timed out after minigun part. Trion. Fix your stuff. This was a worse launch week than d13. Should of stuck to neverwinter.

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    Out of curiosity, what time zone are you in?
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    I'm in central.

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