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    New Ideas (New Start A New Town )

    Hi all, I am a massive Defiance fan, I love the Tv series of which I own and watch and love the game too, as it's nice to watch and then go into game. Now we have 2050, sadly it has had a lot of bad feedback from some who just don't give it a chance, some with maybe poor hardware and some who maybe it's not for them. For me this is an amazing time as Trion have moved it onto a modern 64 bit system now allowing them to move forward with the original concept and new content in the future. Sure it's not perfect but I can over look a few bugs and a bit of lag as I know they are working on it.

    Anyway as I watch the Tv show and anyone who has we have the Defiance (Tv Series) town, a living breathing town. So I know we have a bit in game like Crater the bar and other bit of the map where it's a bit more social with AI, but I would like to suggest a town in game, something like the one in the TV series where we have AI going about daily things and we can buy things off stalls with our script. It would be a social hub area protected by the Stasis Net. Shops, bars we can go in and get a drink and even a brothel but that may not make it as not sure on the age restriction. So like we had in the game Rage and Destiny has why can't Defiance have a social town a safe zone to chat, make friends and trade. Or just shop with script and mix with the AI. The AI would be a mix of races as in the TV show. Post you thoughts on this below. Like to see Dev's opinions too. Thank you for getting this far. Spike.

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    Too add we could have a Diner in a old train carriage like in the Tv show in our new town.

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    The town of Defiance is in Missouri... Defiance game takes place in California.

    So no need to place that on the map just have a nice global transit portal. Somewhere like Bug 'n' Chug.(my fav fast travel spot)

    Hmmm town of Defiance would be a cool spot for like social get together and maybe a few missions.

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    I’ll pass on these ideas . Just fix the game , no need for NPCs cluttering my screen adding to load and stress and getting in my way .
    There are plenty of games out there that have what you are suggesting
    Of course this is my opinion .
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