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    Arkfalls crash the game.. xbox one

    Title is pretty self explanatory.. as soon as I enter an arkfall I'm booted to my xbox homescreen literally every single time I join one.. been constant since I bought the early release..

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    Similar issue but only happens at boss battle.

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    This happens to me and my son too, except it does it randomly. I could be just running down the road, nobody around for miles, and just suddenly get booted back to my Xbox One home screen. It's the same with my son. This is very annoying. I never had this issue when I used to play on PC. Why is it happening on Xbox One? Please fix this.

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    The mixture of terrible server and a console that cant load fast enough isnt helping. They need to do what they did with 360. and cancel all cosmetics and have everyone running around with default character. Too many care about their cosmetics though.

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    This happens not only at Arkfalls but Sieges as well. Every time I enter one it shuts down the game and I have to race to get back in game to try and hope I make it back to the event. Other family members and clan members are having this constantly happen as well. I'm about to start holding betting when in a group who will get kicked first. They are not even worth going to since they no longer give keys and getting kicked. The game is better in a few ways but worse in others.
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    This is happening to me as well. A few times so far just by standing in San Francisco at the overpass. Open map or move instant dashboard. EU Server and it's getting to be really irritating, to be honest.

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