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    PS4 lockout after coop

    Hi my psn is NoEmpathy my twitch is Noempathypsn if ud like to see or talk about exactly how the bug happens.. basically for past few days every time I do a t2 coop and open a chest I get dcd from Game then when trying to log back in I get past the character screen but when actually hitting play after the loading screen comes up but it seems like it can’t figure out where to put my character and it critical errors back out saying critical your connection to the defiance servers has timed out... this typically happens for a hour or so before it finally will allow me to get back in the worst part of this is that I do not get the drops from the t2 coops that I do other then the chest if I open it .. this has GREATLY slowed down my progression as I gave been stuck in 2800s for over 24 hours as the only consistent drops I have been able to acquire is in coops... this has happened several times to me so I am losing a drop that it a pretty good chance at a improvement and a hour of my time atleast .. every single time... like I said any questions on the bug my twitch is Noempathypsn and I stream all my gameplay so u can see the several times it has happened or I can show u it happen ... would
    Be great to get that fixed (drops would be nice to &#128553

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    Move your post to the D2050 PS4 thread and maybe they'll have a look. This is the PS3 bug thread.

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