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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira Kimekawa View Post
    Then again looking at the state of the forums and all the spam threads... I guess they have simply 100% given up on trying to make a good experience for their customers and fans.
    Pretty tough to make an argument against this post.

    Such a shame, really.
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    Is there any devs left I know like 15 odd of them left but we don't get updates or server resets at all.

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    So is there ANY updates to when this is getting fixed...........

    EDIT: started this thread to fight for a fix back in July... still do not have Abundance of EGO trophy unlocked and I even got a 6th class maxed out now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira Kimekawa View Post
    New players are not entitled to get what they missed last year... they shoulda played last year... ...Tough shtako, you lose sir! is what I say. Bring on the haters because I AM a Most Hated! XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    It has been stated that we are absolutely looking into this. This issue is not present for every single player, as we see this trophy being unlocked. However we have not yet honed in on a full fix for this.

    This trophy is a top priority, and we are working on solutions currently. If you have already completed the trophy, I assure you that you will get it when we fix the problem. Please be patient while we locate the solution.

    Waiting for correction ... there is still possibility devs?

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    Trophies still glitched

    The issues I've had regarding trophies is same as the players posted above.

    The 'Abundance of ego' trophy is still not popping after maxing 4 classes and spending all 25 points on each class.

    Another problem is the Kent docks arena, The highest score that I have seen on this arena is 31k (4k away from gold) and that was by me. The enemies are way too easy to kill, pretty much insta kill. so me and my teammates wont have a chance to share the kill to earn 'team kill +5' (think its +5), There isnt enough enemies to even get close to earn enough points for Gold (35K points), on each arena you could atleast get over 1k points more than what you need for gold.

    regarding other trophies like capture 50 times in shadow war, I'm 8 away from getting trophy so I wouldnt know if its STILL GLITCHED, but I am truly thinking it still is as other players having issues and other trophies are not fixed.

    I've sent a ticket to Trion worlds and they pretty much said ' other players have reported same issues and said the issue has now been resolved'. 1. They are liei g as it is not bee resolved and 2. The players who reported back saying it's been resolved is because they (Trion worlds) have probably unlocked it for them.

    They are pretty much saying I'm a liar, theres no problem with the game.

    Its getting beyond a joke, since july this has been going on, for Defiance 2050 anyway. Lucky I dont spend money, I'm not funding their ignorance for their games.

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    They aren't going to fix it. There are still trophies glitched for the PS3 ver. If they haven't fixed that yet, then no way they are fixing the PS4 ver. Especially now that the majority of the developers got fired. If it makes you guys feel better, the person in charge of the trophies most likely got let go. There's like 25 people left in the company. I only played during beta for Defiance 2050 so I got lucky not playing it when the trophies were released. However, I played the PS3 version and bought the gold edition only to realize the dlc trophies were glitched for four years with no fix. Got no refund. I don't wish for anyone to be at the low end, but I gladly would trade the $30 I spent on the gold edition for Trion to fire their employees like they just did right now. Prove me wrong Trion, if you can. Or not. Fixing it or be in the position you are in right now, either option is a win for me.

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