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    Timing out all day

    I've been timing out all day long on XB1 NA, I've tried to log in consistently and get sent back out to the title screen with the critical "your connection to the defiance servers has timed out". The last time I was actually able to log in was early Sunday morning. My GT is Tryippn1 and my characters name is Firiona.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Thumbs up timed out. AGAIN

    For the last 5 days or so I will have a crash of some sort, ie disconnect, blue screen ect. Upon trying to log im met with this connection timed out Msg. Try relaunching 50 billion times. No dice. Ps4 Na psn is: whiteshadow423

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    Having same issue
    Psn csylvia79

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    Same issue your connection to the server has timed out.

    Xbox one NA gt rammerjammer23
    Ign rammer

    Gt rammerjammer23

    Clan. The Haters Club

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    Been trying for three hours now in Xbox one s na region.
    Xbox Live GT: Sgt Game Hawk
    Proud Founder of the Haters Club
    Hate Hate Hate
    Defiance Tag: Flash Pants and Brave Fart

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    Server timed out

    Founder. Unable to sign in, my roommate can sign into his account on the exact same PlayStation. On PlayStation network in North America, California. PlayStation username: AGDictator

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    Same here. Account glitched out until next server restart.
    Hope you didn't spend anything on this broken game yet; I don't think they plan on giving reparations.
    Psn pointystick23

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    Me too xbox na

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    I actually love the game, I am a veteran. I paid for the founders pack. I know they will fix my account eventually, hope I just don’t have to wait too long.

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    Connection Time Out AGAIN

    PS4 NA

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