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    I don't ever seem to have any connectivity issues. My issues all stem from the game crashing strait out to the dashboard (Xbox One), I haven't ever been able to do an arkfall, siege because of it crashing. Not to mention it crashes to the dashboard randomly when there isn't a bunch of people about as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chump Norris View Post
    What bothers me is a real open beta for consoles would have allowed for so many of these issues to be caught before the official release.

    I do appreciate the effort you guys are putting into fixing these things though..
    I don't think there is such a thing as beta anymore these days. Most game companies release crap and let us find the bugs so they don't have to pay QA people. It's a way to cut costs, but I don't think they realize it's doing to their brand and their game.

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    Well I love this game no matter what still.

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    On xbox 1 these patches and hot fixes seem to make it worse

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    Lag is so bad.

    I have been playing now for a couple of days. I love the game but every time i log in I can play lag freeish for about an hour and after that it’s gets so hard to do anything with out lag dying. I have my ps4 hardwired. Every time the hellbug archers start lobbing stuff at you it’s game over for me the rest of the time. It’s like it can’t shake the lag :/ thank you guys for updating constantly but it’s diffic to keep playing an unplayable game

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    I havnt been able to log in once yet. Even tho i bought headstart pack. Whem the game loads it just says Critical Defiance Service Is unavailable try again later.
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    I'm having Connection issues as well on PC, I have tried to restart several times with no luck. I am on PC in North America Pacific West Coast. Thanks

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    My pursuit wasn't fixed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sldr View Post
    On xbox 1 these patches and hot fixes seem to make it worse
    To a certain extent the same can be said for PS4... patches & hot fixes make some things worse than they were.

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    not having any significant problems

    I3 core 8gb ram GTX 1050 ti windws 10 + 200mb download 20mb upload and a ping of 10

    After the first update since launch my game has been smooth and very little lag if any most of the time in siege or Arkfalls and Run High or medium (not sure that even makes a difference).

    Had only one single lag experience that was yesterday (and that was about 10 hours in game session)in a siege but Hey Ho not exactly call of duty standard of lag. I do expect lag as in UK logging on to NA servers but very surprised do not get any (get the odd 1/2 second freeze when my computers talking to server in gibberish but not a big problem).

    Maybe players should look at their specs and internet provider. Even Warframe gets laggy on weekends so maybe its just a lot of players with poor internet. Cannot expect a server to be able to update the position of 20 other players in relation to you and enemies when players send the message back 30 seconds after being requested.

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