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    General Defiance 2050 Discord

    Come join a brand new discord server for everything Defiance! No clan memberships required, just a place to come talk, ask questions and generally converse with other Defiance players.


    Looking for a group? Come group up in our server and even use our voice channels!
    Running you own clan? Join us and advertise your clan in out recruitment area!
    Looking for a Clan? Join the server and looking in the above mention recruitment area.

    As the servers grow we will further improve, refine and add features.

    Planned features include game nights and other discord activity's along with in game events such as Ark fall runs, Warmaster runs and new player guidance.

    So grab your guns, look out for arkfalls and head on over to the unofficial Defiance 2050 server and lets make Defiance 2050 a thriving community fir years to come.
    Arch Arbiters Founder [1 out of 4]
    "The Voice of The Arbiters"
    Grab your guns, start shooting, and help return The Arch Arbiters to their former glory! Happy Arkhunting, all.
    -The Arch Arbiters' Officers-

    IGN: Snakedoctor15
    Steam: [Arch] Sneaky Snek Doctor

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    You need to post another discord invite - that one is expired.

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