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    Rolling Blackout Is Back July 23 - Aug 6

    Feel the thunderous roar of enemies approaching in the Rolling Blackout event from July 23 to August 6 for the original Defiance. Get ready for the storm ahead, we’re forecasting Arkfalls to be fully loaded with 99ers, Scrappers, and Darkmatter foes! Gain Purified Gulanite for extra rewards and keep the power flowing all summer long.
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    so no crazy hot summer event. even tho it really is a crazy hot summer year.

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    Long hair dont care we just want our loadout and character slots in 2050,

    As stated and mislead

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    Were you exchange that Gulanite? Wich rewards you can get? Any arkfall is good for it? You need to have certain level to participate? Please, would be nice some more details about the event. Thank you

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    Can you let everyone know what are the plans for the store? if you plan to shut it down, can you allow everything from the store to be obtain in game from the vendors? including all the clothes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heishiro Mitsurugi View Post
    Long hair dont care we just want our loadout and character slots in 2050,

    As stated and mislead
    If you bought them with bits you get them, if not you are SoL. It's been stated since before the game this was how it was going to be. Not sure why people are still going on about this.
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