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    Fixing the enemy weapon falloff would be amazing.

    I really want this game to be great but for me, this issue makes it unplayable. Raiders are the worst. In some areas, to engage raiders, I have to be the farthest distance from them while still having them appear on screen. I'm using a sniper rifle to try to take them out from a distance but they are sniping me from the same distance with an SMG. How is that supposed to work? Enemy weapons have no falloff distance and can hit you from any range. Add this in with enemies randomly spawning around and right on top of you makes it so that you can't even run away from them before they kill you due to their insane range even using a short range weapon. Please fix this. I posted this in suggestions because I don't believe it's a bug, but rather a game design that only creates frustration. Thanks.

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    I agree. While I enjoy the challenge presented by intelligent AI who try to flank me, I do not enjoy the fact that they have no falloff damaged and spawn behind you.

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