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    is it just me or do things tend to get in the way of the gates?

    like seriously!i had to do "Tour of Paradise" TWELVE times because id hit two things in the way,and the roller would explode! and im not talking in between the gates, these suckers were either right UNDER the gate. like you HAD to run them over to get through or some how nick the gates arch to get it. or they were a foot from it forcing you to run them down. i got so pissed when the roller exploded for the eleventh time that i went on a mini rampage on the skitterlings that were in the way! hell i did it so many times with that damn loose *** roller that i feel like i can wrestle a fat 300lbs Stefanio sea lion in a buttery bath tub AND WIN! if anyone who can make a difference in the game with the rollers on the time trials, PLEASE make them indestructible or something! as appose to wiping the course of hazards like these or something! now back to my daily rampage across the face of Mount tam and Madera.

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    Not big on the time trials... I drive like an ape with 10 thumbs and two left feet... which is why the brittle cars annoy me. Seriously... part of the joy of Defiance was running right over the odd mutant or bug in the road. Now it's like our big, bad, armored muscle mega trucks are made out of legos. No, not real legos, but the cheap, dollar store kind. I read on Steam that vehicles were nerfed because of "abuse" in Arkfalls… seriously, that's a pretty hamfisted over-compensation. C'mon, Trion, how we gonna ride forever in Valhalla, shiny and chrome, if we can't run over small stuff or ram the odd megabug? (I don't expect my vehicle to survive ramming a megabug, but the darn thing should know it's been kissed.)

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    Once they find a middle ground where vehicles cant be used as a weapon and dont blow up instantly. Im sure they will buff the vehicles. For now you will have to live with the extreme nerf on vehicles theyve put in place since launch.

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    AHAHAHAH!!! omg i loved that quote, shiny and chrome. but i never heard of this thing about the vehicles being nerfed. that much is fine, but when you cant even throw grenades in rampages, i would ASSUME you cant have your vehicles explode on you when your in a time trial! speaking of tottal bull Sh$%^ i noticed that no one has placed any rank on one of the snipers rampages, and its been a day!

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    beta, early access and early f2p release the vehicles were untouchable.

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    All you gotta do is hit one sad little hellbug on the road, and blooey! You're experimenting with arm-flapping flight.

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    Nothing wrong with using them as a weapon, so long as they're not a super-weapon. Been a while since I played Defiance 2013, but if memory serves, you hit one of those big blue meanies, and you'd wreck, same with the mid-sized and up hellbugs. It's a good thing this game doesn't have moss snakes, dragonflies, or mice, or they'd wreck your ride too.

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    I am sure that it was a cry baby that reported to Trion that we were all cheating when the game got released. It was easier to run the bugs over then shot them with the weak weapons. Bet again it was the same cry baby that reported everyone when we all found a shortcut in Island of lost in the original game. If this nurf with the cars does not change soon, defiance 2050 is getting uninstalled.

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    Arkfalls was full of vehicles. it looked like a demolition derby.

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    That's a Bad Thing?

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