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    demolitionist disappeared?

    Hello everyone

    Only one Question.... Is it just me or was the demolitionist in the Crater Shop since yesterday for 100 Points?

    Did they took him out again? because i dont see him anymore O_o

    Or am i blind?

    Best regards,


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    He was there for 1000 last I checked, one can only hope they pulled him and are reevaluating that price.

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    That or it wasnt officially released yet.

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    He's supposed to be released August 7 so him being there at all was likely an accident.
    Defiance is gone. Gamigo has been "not neglecting" the game for over a year, yet there's nothing new except for low effort arkfalls and bitshop items.
    I know it might be hard to quit a game you loved for years but you have to understand that it won't get better. Ever. If you like the game in it's current state, then sure, keep playing it. You're enjoying yourself after all. But if you aren't, don't hope for a better future for Defiance. Because it won't come.


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    They've originally said it will be available "later in July". Never seen anything other from them. But whether bug or not he was pulled back with the latest patch rollback I guess.

    Price of 1k was announced and stable since very long time. Doesn't sound bad to me.

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