The medic bot does the actual healing. It only heals one person at a time, but we as a player have no control over who gets healed. We can't prioritize the tank or the person with the lowest health. My suggestion is to bring back the BMG. What could be done is make it so in EVERYONE ELSE'S hands, the BMG only takes life from enemies. When a Combat Medic has one, they should be able to heal when "firing" at players, like in the original Defiance. This could easily be accomplished with a Passive skill stat (such as healing for 5% or 10% of the "damage" rating of the BMG at Tier 1, and 25% or 50% by Tier 5). And it could use charge cells as ammo so it could be regulated as other weapons are (no unlimited heals). I recommend that it be placed in the 4th row of Combat Medic skills so that players will not be able to get Bot Supplier to Tier 5 if they want to put points into BMG Healing (or whatever name devs want to call it). Players would have to use ammo management. LMG Dampen and Pistol Tactician are also in this row, so it fits as a weapon specialization. This weapon would give a more immersive option for players that want a HEALER build.