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    It was done as well. Again no reason except bugged.

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    Ok so here is the temporary fix a few of us tried it and went up a little finally, others not so fortunate:

    Thank you for contacting us regarding Defiance 2050.
    I apologize for the frustration this issue has caused. Our development team has reviewed this issue and have determined it should now be resolved. In order to ensure this fix takes effect please completely close Defiance 2050 and Glyph, and then log back in. This will trigger our authentication servers and should cause everything on your account to refresh. If you’re still having this issue after logging back in, please update this ticket.
    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing Defiance 2050.
    Your reference number for this ticket is 1122819.
    GM RainFire
    Trion Worlds Inc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azurgilz View Post
    If it was a bug players wouldn't of surpassed 3k pr, but yet they have, adapt to how the game has to be played, you can gain 100+ pr per day if you want to

    they are doing the exploit of the claim item hack that is on you tube most likely or are buying ark keys left and right

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    this is a free to play game so there is no incentive to do whats needed to fix this as long as the game is up and running

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    Quote Originally Posted by kniferun View Post
    Thats where I slowed down for abit. I advice anyone to wait till after 2k to finish the story.

    If your power 2000 and your getting 1900 blues you can level them to 2050 purples are even better and can level to 2100. If you are 2000 you wont get 2000 weapon drops. Only your shield and grenade will be 2000+ drops as you cant level them. Weapons dropping at your level would make power progression way to fast.

    You will start getting weapons 150-200 below your power as purple+ will be the only things that'll up your power.

    problem is blues are over 150 lower and purple are 200 or more lower

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenoe View Post
    and you read the good answers. You will get higher weapons from coop from last chest. It's RNG, you may not get a weapon. But if you do, it will help with PR.

    Other way are faction weapons if you want to loose reputation now.

    And pursuit prototypes, unlock them wisely.

    You won't get weapons from world drop like sieges/arkfalls. Don't waste keys on arkfall chest, ever. You still need those to match your grenade/shield and to get salvage. But your best hopes are from T2 coops now and prey for weapon drop.

    6 ark keys wasted on 4 guns that were so low they were instant salvage plus waiting 3 or 4 hrs or more for t2 co/op that never happens gets old

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    Quote Originally Posted by kniferun View Post
    Use salvage to level up your highest weapons. Theres no reason to be stuck for close to a week. Do basic addition to determine which guns to level ofcourse.

    learn to read what people are saying the guns are not good enough even after max enhance

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    Quote Originally Posted by burtonkc08
    Ok so I wrote glyph and GM Godiva pretty much blew me off after having no idea what they were talking about. My issue is this : around rating 2000 new weapon drops are weaker than averaged level. If I am 2000 how am I picking up weapons around 1901 value or less. This is also with my current weapons not leveled up with salvage. Other players have brought this up and some even left game due to this.I deleted my toon and redid a new one same class , same name and it just keeps going on. Im hoping this is the right source to come to with this issue. Our power levels are at dead ends and no matter what we do it will not go up. Tried adding salvage to weapons around 1990 and it would NOT add the 100+ on stats. Number remains the same for average PL. Mine 2010.
    First time posting so if the quote doesn't work oh well. Anyway this is how Defiance 2050 works, any weapon drop you get from anywhere will drop below your max pr even co-ops (when you reach 2000 pr, not a bug). The thing is that co-ops drop them at around 100 pr below your max pr. The only way to progress is use salvage on them, and you need to max it out. As you said in your post before pr 2000 getting 1901 drops (sounds like a co-op drop), now max them out. Blues maxed out will add +150 pr and purples will add +200. So if we take that 1901 you got and say its a blue 1901 + 150 = 2051 that is already an improvement. Now if you had 2 drops that were maxed out with salvage and a shield and grande that was 2000 your new max pr will be around 2025 (max pr would be higher if the drops were purple). The devs in this game made it so drops from the open world will always be way lower than your max pr. Meaning a blue drop from a siege or arkfall ect.. will be around 1850 and maxing it out would only make it 2000 pr. Open world drops are there for you to salvage (pretty sure you only get 1 from salvaging it too unfortunately used to be 2). This is why people are telling you to do co-ops its the only way to get higher pr. Another thing to keep in mind is salvage is a pain to grind (thanks for the nerf devs) so don't get picky about what weapons you want to use, or you will always be running out of that one specify salvage and slowing your progression down even more. Also 2000 is one of the soft caps of the game (meaning you have do a lot of work for a bit of progression) the other soft caps are 3000, 4000, and getting to max pr 5000. I hope this helps you, or anyone who reads this because the Devs don't do a good job of explaining how to play their own game. If this does not help you in any way I am sorry but I tried.

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    the major issue is that these 2k, 3k, and 4k soft caps have been hardened to the point they are almost hard unpassable caps

    i have done t2 co/op or at least try to do them cause of haveing to wait hours and hours and not get one only to have the end drop be most of the time a mod or if it is a gun the power lvl is so low even max enhance will not make it over the weapons i have now

    while i understand the need for the soft caps at the 2k and such they dont need to be so hard that the only options are to buy ark keys and stay in wait for hours or spend 2 or 3 weeks or more grinding salvage just to use it up to up the one weapon that will increase your power lvl by 1 or 2 pts since thats all that has dropped high enough after full enhance to give any increase to your power lvl

    and this issue will be the downfall of 2050 until they really start looking at these forums and listening to the players cause for the 1 hardcore gamer with the time to play the game as it is they will lose 10 or more gamers that play just for a more relaxed game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkeriia View Post
    they are doing the exploit of the claim item hack that is on you tube most likely or are buying ark keys left and right
    This isn't a hack. Anyone can do it. It might be more of an exploit though. But anything over 2500 PR is a waste with it. As the current story missions cap at that.

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