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    Looking for Xbox One EU clan

    Hi guys,

    Tried dropping messages in game chat for a while and no responses, plus I doubt I'll find the right clan that way haha.

    Returning player had the game at launch and sunk probably 300hrs in on Xbox 360 looking an active EU clan for trading and running endgame with.

    Anyone looking members feel free to add me on XBL gamer tag is cheezeitthedog

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    Hater Crater
    Hey mate.

    I’m returning and in the same boat as you. If you want to hook up sometime hen fire me a message on live. My tag is Fakinell

    See you soon
    Gamertag : Fakinell
    Twitter : SlyElmo


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    Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom
    I've made a clan called Kataklysm UK but struggling to get people to join. I will purchase clan boosts once the clan grows a bit. Feel free to add me whatever you decide.

    IGN: Andina
    GT: plantpot1210

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    Malice Gaming
    Malice Gaming is recruiting UK members feel free to contact MG Harliequin

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