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    Madera Heat Time Trial is impossible to beat

    I've tried multiple times using boost the entire track without crashing and nearly halfway through the second lap the gold timer is up. And with like a whole 20-30 seconds of track to go even the bronze trophy is lost making the 6 minute time trial a complete waste of time and loss of rep!

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    i beat it everytime its on contract. level up your rollers

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    with a roller level under 10 it is impossible. Only been using runners which are at 21, but rollers are at 4. A perfect run with rollers got me 5:35, bronze is 5:30. At level 10 you get a 2.5% (I think thats the number) speed boost which will allow you to hit I think 5:28/27 with a perfect run. And seeing as its the weekly, I wish you good luck.

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    my friend beat it with roller level 9

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    Anyone that has gold on that trial is hacking.
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    Get vehicles to 20 then keep trying till you get it that's what i do. It's not easy or fun but that's just the way it is for now. Good luck getting better than Bronze.

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